From its beginning in the 11th Century, the Order of Malta has provided services to the sick and the poor.  In essence that meant protecting those vulnerable by reason of illness or poverty.  Through all the years since, the Order has watched over those vulnerable not only by reason of sickness and poverty, but also for any other reason.  Thus, protecting the vulnerable is a centuries-old focus of the Order.

Consistent with this focus, the Order of Malta Western Association has adopted policies encouraging the reporting of any potential improper conduct, including, but not limited to:  discrimination against, harassment of, or any other imposition upon individuals; financial improprieties; violations of civil or canon law or of policies of the Order and of the Association; or of any other similar illegal or improper actions.  In order to assist the making of such reports, the Association has established a toll-free phone number with an entity which has no other connection with the Association.  That number is (800) 461-9330.  The Association prohibits retaliation against any person for using this toll-free number for making good faith complaints, reports, or inquiries