Membership in the Order of Malta is by invitation only and each prospective member must be sponsored by an invested member.  The sponsor, a Knight or Dame, mentors the candidate throughout the 2 years of preparation and vocation discernment preceding his or her investiture into the Order.  Only persons of undoubted Catholic morality and practice, who have an established personal history of service and giving to the Church are eligible for admission.  After approval by the Western Association Membership Committee and the Chancellor, final approval is given by the Sovereign Council in Rome.

Who can be considered for membership?
An ideal candidate is an exemplary Catholic lay person in good standing, residing in the United States, who is committed to the service of the poor and sick and seeking a deeper calling.  Persons of committed Catholic morality and an established reputation for charitable works, who faithfully provide outstanding service to the Church and community and are willing and able to commit to the Order as expressed in the motto:

“Tuitio fidei et obsequium pauperum”
Nurturing, witnessing and protecting the faith and assistance to the poor and the suffering

What are the commitments?

It requires a serious lifetime commitment to Order of Malta charism and spirituality as a vocation, witnessing of the faith, and regular service to the sick and the poor in union with the local community or the Order.

If you would like further information on membership please send us an e-mail at  Please include your complete name and where you are located.